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Information about the Pinball Palace

The Pinball Palace is operated by specialists in pinball machines, who are also collectors, whose purpose is to maintain the interest in Pinball.

With a long standing expertise gained from many years of working with machines, we aim to keep the machines running, as long as possible. As well as certain new spares being available, a large amount of used spares are in stock, especially for the older electromechanical machines.

We recently took over the flailing Pinball Owners Association, which was about fold, before its thirtieth birthday, and evolved it into the new "Pinball Wizard Magazine", a full colour quarterly magazine aimed at collectors and anybody with an interest in Pinball:

The Pinball Palace has already held two pinball shows in Margate, Kent and more are being planned.

We are always locating spares from America, and worldwide, in order that collectors machines can be kept in operation.

Specialising in Electronic and Electromechanical Games, we can offer full advice on any Pinball Machines.

We also supply brand new Stern Pinball Machines at very competitive prices, and personally deliver and set-up all machines sold.

We can repair all electronic pinball machines, or just the boards, from 80s machines right up to pinball 2000. We have qualified electronic engineers, with Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Data East test rigs, to repair all circuit boards, please click here for more:

In partnership with "Pinballs-To-Go" repairs and refurbishments to Early Electromechanical can be carried out.

If you would like to own a pinball, please arrange a visit, to try all of our Machines, before you decide.

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